How can MINDBOMB help you?

Hello there! My name is Tyran Van Zyl, I’m currently the Creative Director at a large Digital Marketing firm in Bryanston, South Africa. I am a self-taught retouching artist and graphic designer, with 20 years experience in the digital and print industry.

Creativity is a passion I’ve had longer than I can remember, it’s always been rooted deep inside me, and even though I’ve been in several agencies and designed tirelessly, it just wasn’t enough for me – there was an unquenchable thirst that couldn’t be satisfied!


Enter MINDBOMB – a freelance project I started 5 years ago.
The main purpose was to help smaller startup companies avoid mediocre design, and achieve pixel perfect quality at a fraction of the cost.

There is no reason to pay absorbent fees using agencies and large design companies, not while MINDBOMB is around.
I’ve come from that background, I have the experience, and i’m using that knowledge to help you and your investment.